Free Hi-Res Ornamental Grass Blade Textures


I had these flower bouquet and I really liked the decorative grasses that came with it. They had these cool stripe patterns of different shades of green and white. So just like with everything else, I saw textures right away; took them out of the vase and then scanned each grass leaf front and back – that would probably be useful for texturing 3d models. These individual grass blade textures are really high resolution, about 20,000px in height and 1000-1500px in width.

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Free Hi-Res Apple Pictures / Textures


I was lying in bed couple of nights ago thinking about taking some pictures of apples and so the next day I took a trip to the supermarket and I bought a whole bunch of them. I went to the fruit section and grabbed one or two of every kind of apple they had (Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious etc). I took pictures of them from different angles and positions and here is a pack of 64 high resolution apple images (3900-3000px) which also includes 2 photos of apples cut in half.

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