Photoshop Tutorial Old Postmark Stamp


Hmm, I haven’t really done any Photoshop tutorials. Strange thing considering I use it very often : ). So here’s one on how to add a vintage custom made postmark to the old postcards and airmail envelopes from my previous posts. It’s a cool way of personalizing them.

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Free Hi-Res Blank Polaroid Frames


Ah, the good old days. The Polaroid 600 instant photos have been around forever and despite technological advances they are as cool as ever. Well at least in the design world :). I mean who hasn’t played with a Polaroid template turning images into vintage photos? So in that respect, here are some high resolution Polaroid frame images (around 5100x4200px).

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Free Old Sticky Tape Textures + PS Brushes


Now here’s something very useful – high resolution sticky tape textures and Photoshop brushes. The images are scans of a few old clear tapes that I have peeled off some book jacket covers. Well, they’re not so clear anymore as time has turned them brown yellow, but now they make cool adhesive tape textures :). As mentioned before the images are hi-res – tape strip width is around 610px.

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Free 22 Hi-Res Photoshop Leaf Brushes


Here are some high resolution photoshop brushes. The image sources for these brushes are from my previous fall leaves texture posts.

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Free Vector Compass Roses + Ps Brushes


Found a treasure map without a windrose? Need cardinal directions? then this could be useful ;). I made six vector compass roses, two basic ones with North, South, East, West and four that also have the intermediate directions NE, NW, SE, SW.

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