Free Hi-Res Coffee Beans Texture + Seamless


This must be the best smelling texture ever! Love the aroma of coffee beans when you open up the bag. :) So with that being said making these high resolution coffee bean textures was a pleasure. These images are quite large, about 5000x3600px

In the zip file there are four coffee beans textures plus a seamless coffee bean background; now put them to good use and if you like them don’t forget to share or leave a comment. Thanks!



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  1. Hi Fuzzimo!
    Very good work :D
    We like so much your designs :D

  2. antoniu says:

    Hi Trucoteca,
    Thanks for the comments and I’m glad you like the designs!

  3. paulo says:

    I will try to use this to make some 3d objects, I will share with you.
    thanks for sharing you are very talented


  4. LivE says:

    i love, love, love coffee! this is awesome! :)

  5. coooooffffeeeee! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful stuff on your site! (Excuse me, must dash, suddenly need very large coffee)

  6. danette says:

    woww i’ve been looking for these types of images and textures EVERYWHERE and they’re so hard to find! thank you so much antoniu (: may i ask how you make all of them? AWESOMENESS!

  7. Javamonster says:

    I’ve been going through your site for the past 45 minutes, and can I say, THANK YOU, you are so generous, and fabulous, and creative with what you put up.

    Thank you again, from LA, California!

  8. Valar says:

    Thank you very much! This site is AWESOME!!

  9. rafa says:

    uff! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tracht says:

    Delicious! Beautiful shots!

  11. mehdi says:

    wow. thanks

  12. tony says:

    thank you

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