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So I had all these thin wrapping paper and tissues, the ones used to pack fragile stuff so it doesn’t break or to fill a gift bag for decorative purposes. I thought I’d put them to some good use since they wrinkle kind of nice and make some awesome paper textures. I put together 22 textures which are high resolution, about 3500x2500px.

Just as I did with my previous textures I also made 9 seamless wrinkled paper backgrounds. I also included an html file so you can easily view how they look when tiled. The textures for backgrounds are about 500x500px. The screens are below together with the download link. Don’t forget to share or post a note if you like them. Thanks!



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  1. MiracLe says:

    Wow thank you so much for these textures they are great!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Are these available to be used in a work that will be sold? What is the license for these files?

  3. antoniu says:

    Yes, you may use them in commercial or personal projects without my permission. There are some restrictions – here’s the link to the Terms of Use:

  4. kevlarorc says:

    thanks for the textures. it’s exactly what I was looking for. workin on a little fireworks project

  5. Maria says:

    these are beautiful – love them!! Excellent work, thanks for sharing!

  6. Audra says:

    Again, the quality is outstanding! Thank you so much.

  7. Gio says:

    Thank u very much, i loved them ;)

  8. Linn says:

    How do you get the text all wrinkeld up? Like your’s?

  9. antoniu says:

    It’s done in PS using Blending Modes in the Layers Window. Place the black text layer over the texture and choose Overlay as a Blending Mode for it. Since the background is light you will also have to duplicate the text layers until you get the above effect. Soft Light Blending Mode would also work; experimenting with different Blending Modes and text colors will get you all sorts of results. Hope that helps!

  10. Hi,

    thanks for your textures. The are awsome. I used them on our website (see url).

    With thankful regards from Germany,


  11. Daniela says:

    ok. so you are amazing. Your vectors are amazing.Thanks.

  12. Wow. Great freebies. Thank you so much. FBing.

  13. WOW! I like this post, the red one is very clean, thank you.

  14. Joyce says:

    wow…what a wonderful assortment….thank you!

  15. Ruth says:

    TY so much for sharing!! Love the wrinkles!!

  16. elena says:

    thank you very much for sharing!!

  17. Gracias por compartir estas bellezas de papeles. Desde Venezuela un abrazo
    Marjorie Arte y Papel

  18. Matilde says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Vickie says:

    You motivate me to learn how to use these!
    –from a sinior citizen in Wis.

  20. Zuza Leonska-Baker says:

    Thank you so much for creating and sharing your wonderful work. These papers are perfect for my note book… must have colour and texture!

  21. Y says:


  22. Ana says:

    Love the textures… I was looking for paper seamless ones, and I found this! Even though they are too smaller for the use I have in mind, this is amazing work, and thank you so much for providing them!!

  23. musclemutt says:

    These are very well-done. Perfect or what I wanted.
    These are so detailed that I can also use them to distort the text so that it looKs liKe it’s really on the paper.

  24. John-Michael Dumais says:

    great gift of your talent, thank you!

  25. Eugene says:

    Thank you so much! Very needful ??????…

  26. Stephanie says:

    Great site! Thanks for all the good items to help make me more productive.

  27. Nate says:

    Awesome, thank you for these. You can check them out in the app I am building on!

  28. KC says:

    Thank you for the paper textures

  29. Smcs says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such great resources with us. You rock! :)

  30. harjeet says:

    Thankew So much for the seamless textures.

  31. Vero says:

    Thank you, you’re the best!!!

  32. Jux says:

    YOU MADE MY DAY !! Thank you !!

  33. juni says:

    thank you so much for this great textures!

  34. Evelyn says:

    I love these textures so much its hard to choose which one to use. Thanks so much!

  35. Steve says:

    Hey thats really nice of you to share these with us. May good Karma come your way. I was actually looking for a place where I could donate if I end up using one of these on my website, it wouldn’t have been much but I do believe you should have some form of reward for your efforts in creating them. Once again Thank you

  36. Van says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your work.

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