Image Generator – Embossed Labels


This time I have something a bit different than the usual. It’s a project that I’ve been working on for a while – a brand new shiny embossed labels image generator. :) It’s actually on a whole different website at

The generator has 4 color options: blue, red, green and black; plus 4 height sizes: 40px, 60px, 80px and 100px. It’s based on my scanned images from here and so not all characters are available.

Hope it saves you some time on your design projects!



  1. What an amazing idea! It looks so real. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  2. Elisabeth Birk-Woerz

    This is so great. Thank you!!!

  3. Bonnie

    You Rock!! Thanks so much

  4. Lisa

    Wow! You’re SOOO amazing! And I have no idea how you made those letters switch around like that but that is waaaaay cool!

  5. I am DAZZLED and delighted to find such a useful tool made available to me for fun and for free. Many thanks!!

  6. Cal

    This is great – thanks a lot!

  7. This is great, one click solution for embossed text.