Free Vector Compact Audio Cassette Tapes


Even though I still have a whole bunch of compact audio cassette tapes lying around, I don’t remember the last time I used one; but hey, just as LP records, audio cassettes can still be cool elements in designs. So here are five vector cassette tapes I’ve made: two black, one white and two transparent in which the mechanisms are visible.

As you can see in the screens below each compact cassette is different and being that they are vectors you can easily change them to your designing needs. Also if you need some LP images you can grab some from my previous post here. The download links are at the bottom. If you find these vector audio cassettes useful don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks!



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    ohmygosh! those were the days, my friend! :D these are awesome!

  4. Yes! Those were the days! I guess pretty soon we’ll be saying that about CD’s as well; but tapes will always have more character :).

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    Turned the cassette image vertical then uesd them as Iphone wallpaper – great…… thank you

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  29. I created a typography wallpaper using these cassettes in the design.

    Thanks for the art, it came out really well

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  32. Verastaki

    I still got over 600 tapes which I use almost daily. I play them at work or take them with me in my slim panasonic walkman. I even record my favorite HD radio dance music and chill wave show every saturday and sunday nights. I record off internet and sound is amazing when i play it back thanks to my hi-end devices. way powerful and louder than MP3 or CD. just recently bought another 10 pack of tapes last night at best buys. tapes are awesome design for music especially its longetivety and durability in music storage.

  33. Thanks so much for sharing these vector tapes. I was about to have a shot at doing a tape myself when I discovered these.

    What is your stance on altering these works? I may create extra labels or change the shading.

    • You may edit and use them as long as they are a part/aid of an original design. For instance it would not be ok to just change something like the labels and then sell the tape images by themselves. They would have to be part of your original concept. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. :)

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  71. I am so impressed with these I am intending to use them for my podcast of cool 80s music, Chas’ Crusty Old Wave. You can find it on iTunes or at the website above. Thank you so much for making this available, they’re gorgeous for those of us old enough to remember.

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  78. Crafty grandma

    Thanks for the cassettes. I am collecting things from the ’80’s for my daughter’s 40th b’day next year. I do have some of old original tapes and you’ve given me an idea to use them as perhaps a banner? or something of the sort!Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing

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