Illustrator Tutorial Crop a Group of Shapes


Here’s a basic Illustrator tutorial on how to crop an area from a group of multiple shapes or just hide unwanted parts by using opacity masks or clipping masks. I used these numerous times on things like Vector Rulers or Vector Guitars.

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Illustrator Tutorial Make a 3d Vector Pencil


Time for another tutorial – how to make a 3d pencil using the Revolve tool in Illustrator. So just like any other project make a new document and save it. So the idea is to make a group of paths that resemble a dissected pencil and then give it a 3d volume by using the Revolve tool.

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Illustrator Tutorial Make a Vector Torn Paper


Here’s a new tutorial on how to make a vector torn paper in Illustrator. If you need some already made vector notebook pages you can grab them from my previous post here.

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Illustrator – Triangles and Angles Tutorial


While working on the previous post with the Vector Rulers I played with the making of a triangle in Illustrator. The easiest way to do one is with the Polygon Tool and that works fine if you do not get too mathematical and need a triangle with specific angle degrees. Since creating triangles in Illustrator is not so straight forward, here are some ways to draw them.

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Illustrator Tutorial Make a Glossy 3d PushPin


Here’s a simple illustrator tutorial on how to make a shinny 3d push pin using the Revolve Tool. If you only want to download some vector pushpins and adhesive notes check out my post here. Using the Revolving Tool can be a lot of fun in creating complex 3d objects out of a simple 2d path.

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