Free Vector Classical Acoustic Guitars


A while ago I thought about playing the guitar, but after some tries I realized it was the guitar’s fault… I’ll just stick to vectors :). So here are two detailed classical / acoustic guitar vector graphics.

It was interesting making these, but I have to say that once most of the work was completed the most fun was making the center rosettes and the outline art. Check out the images below and I hope you find them useful for your musical design projects!

fzm-Vector-Classical-Acoustic-Guitars-02 fzm-Vector-Classical-Acoustic-Guitars-03


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  1. Su Hall says:

    These are so cool! Thank you!

  2. Con-Artist says:

    Thanks for these! very cool.

  3. rod rocking says:

    thanks heaps .Awesome vectors

  4. so fly says:

    Thanks for your help. this Vector Classical Acoustic Guitars was able to help me in my class.

  5. Dori says:

    super nice! thanks.

  6. Jon says:

    These are very cool- thanks

  7. Katie B says:

    Thanks so much this will be a great help.

  8. iamjustbill says:

    Very nice WordPress site!

  9. Ed'Marrie says:

    Thanks for the vector. Awesome.

  10. sonusmac says:

    Wow, awesome vectors.. I was searching for these from long time. Thank you.

  11. Gabriel says:

    Design do site interessante e obrigado pela excelente imagem em vetor, fará parte de um projeto gráfico para um festival musical voltado para o público jovem.

  12. DAZAZAZAZ says:

    Cool web site

  13. Charm says:

    I Like it, can I use it? Thanks!

  14. Kathleen says:

    Your sharing of these guitars is really appreciated.

  15. Nathaniel says:

    this is just what I needed! rock on

  16. teguh says:

    great… keep sharing..:)

  17. Lorena says:

    Very nice guitar images. Thank you!

  18. Leo says:

    just wonderful job

  19. QiOnizuka says:

    Thanks mate 4 dis coolest vector.. kep it up .:thumbup:.

  20. tracht says:


  21. Kadir says:

    Thank you man for those beatiful guitars :) nice work ::)

  22. Al says:

    I just photographed some guitars like this for a client, your detail is amazing. Hats off to an truly excellent illustrator!

  23. Anoop says:

    thanks mate !!
    awesome work!!

  24. aLEXMAR says:


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