Free Hi-Res Old Book Textures – part 5


More in the old book textures series – this would be the fifth part. It contains 21 high resolution images (around 3000-5000px) of mostly covers and some inner pages.

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Free Hi-Res Fire Images Part 1


This past winter I got hypnotized by a fire and ended up taking a whole bunch of pictures. :) I’ve made a selection of 30 images with various flames and will post more parts later on.

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Free Hi-Res 16MM Film Frame Images Part 1


I don’t think I ever spent so much time on a post image as this one. :) I just had to make use of the 16mm film countdown leader. So click play to see the image sequence (might run slow on older computers). Anyhow, here are some high resolution scans of old 16mm film frames. The widths of the film strips are about 700px.

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Free Hi-Res Old Air Mail Envelope Images 2


Here’s part 2 of the Old Airmail Envelopes – same high resolution scans as part 1. The pack contains 12 images (front and back for each envelope) at around 6000-3500px.

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Free Seamless Denim Jeans Textures


I actually started working on these things a while back, but I kept putting it off – so now that I’m finally done, here are 13 seamless denim jeans textures. :) These are based on my previous high resolution denim jeans images Part 1 and Part 2.

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