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More cool vintage stuff! After the postcards, I knew I had to do some old airmail envelopes. Emails of the past ;). So here are 11 high resolution air mail envelopes – the zip file contains 22 images, front and back for each one.

The images are big, around (6000-3500px) and they have nice details – various 30’s postmarked stamps, airmail red and blue patterns, stains, etc. I do have more of these envelopes, so there will be a second part. Drop me a comment or share the post if you like them. Thanks!



  1. Hey, these are really cool! The ultimate in recycling! LOL Thank you!

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  18. I love anything vintage & antiques. This is awesome. Thank you so much.

  19. I love these too, but could you suggest some uses for them, because I can’t think. :0)

    • You could use them in anything that comes to mind :) – collages, webdesign, brochures etc. You can also customize them by adding your own postmark and text.

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  41. They are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing :)
    Can I use them for commercial use as well?

    • Thanks! Yes you may use them as part/tools of your original designs (personal or commercial), but not to make other redistributable design resources.

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  61. Thank You! These are great. I have had a hard time finding quality vintage envelope textures online. I will send you a note when I get my project finished so you can see the result. Thanks again.

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  84. Merci beaucoup! I paired your airmail border with an Eiffel Tower postcard:) Will give you a shoutout on my Facebook page. Thanks again!

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    On a Mac, you can change the image of a folder to any other image simply by selecting an item, typing Command-I (Get Info), and then dragging the image to generic icon at the upper left of the Get Info box. So, instead of folders, one could put all one’s files in old envelopes! I like the idea–very steampunk. Ah, and what a nice set of images–they bring back memories!

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