Free Hi-Res Old Postcard Images + Stamps


Ah, the past – full of great textures :). Here’s a nice collection of 14 high resolution vintage postcard images. They are from the early 1900s so they had time to develop nicely. The postcards are around 5200x3300px and they have all sorts of stain and worn out details.

As you can see in the screens below, some of them are blank and some have 1 cent postmarked stamps. Drop me a comment or share the post if you find these old fashioned postcards useful. Thanks!



  1. This is the best collection that I have found online! Thank you so much!


  2. you are THE BEST. i LOVE these!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Glad you like the postcards!

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    Oh my gosh..!!! AmAzInG…Katrina is absolutely right!!!!

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  5. i’m loving this page! thanks

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    Fantastic! have trawled the web for stuff like this for ages, thank you!!

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    very useful! i love this collection a lot!

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    Dude, they are beautiful. Thanks!!!!

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    These are pretty! Thanks!

  10. Itsame!

    You are at the top of my favourite’s list. Thank you for sharing such amazing quality images.

  11. Thanks so much for posting! I’m always looking for vintage bits! I’ll be using these in a design project soon.

  12. So generous. thx.

  13. I looooove your work!!Thank you sooooooooooo much :-)))

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    These are amazing. Thank you. Have been looking for something like this for ages.

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    Thanks so much for these they are amazing!!!

  16. Love these! Thank you for sharing!!

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    These are perfect for digital scrapbooking!!! Thanks a bunch!! :-)

  18. Thank you again– these are perfect!

  19. Hi there – discovered your site through blogging and think its fab. Thank you for all the free images you make available for us.

  20. Lark

    I love these – getting married in just under two weeks and we’re printing off a bunch of these postcards to use as a “guestbook” sign-in: each guest will fill out a postcard with their name and a little comment on each postcard, then after the wedding we’re going to put the postcards in a photo album :) Thank you so much for making these images available!

  21. i love it,,
    thank you for all great images, :)

  22. Eliana

    What program do you open this with? I can’t open it, and would really like to.

  23. WOW! These are FANTASTIC!!! Do you allow for commercial use? If so, how do I go about buying a license? Thank you SO much!!! WOOHOO!!!!! This is just to exciting!!!

    • Glad you like them! Yes, they can be used as tools/parts for both personal and commercial projects, but not to make other redistributable design resources. You can also view my terms here.

  24. Wow these are going to be fun to play with.


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    WOW! Amazing, thank you for sharing!! I love them!!

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    Thank you so much!

  27. Hi! Hope you don’t mind but I am linking this up to one of my blog posts today! Love them! <3

  28. Way cool! Thanks for sharing them

  29. Kathy H.

    Thank you so much. I am using for our Historical Society invitations celebrating 125 years (our old postcards are too ragtag to copy). Thanks for sharing.

  30. I was looking for something just like this for very long time… to no avail! Today, I stumbled upon this! Thank you so much! :)

  31. This looks amazing.. Thank you so much for sharing :-)

  32. Thank you so very much for these treasures!

  33. Thanks so much for sharing these. They’re exactly what I was hoping to find and am excited to play w/them.

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    Thank you so much, wishing you readily find people around to help you out just as you’ve helped us! good luck!

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    Thanks a lot, wonderful and amazing postcard. You’re an artist.

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  39. Using one of these on a friend’s save-the-date card. Thanks!

  40. They are so nice!
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    Excelente textures.
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    Thanks you. They are amazing and I love them.

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    God Bless you!!! This is amazing… Can I use it as a part of my artwork for a foundation/fundraising? Thank you so much!!! it’ll be a great help coz this is freaking amazing… your site is amazing….

  45. Thank You so much these wonderful sites.

    Greetings from Finland


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    these are awesome. thanks so much

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    This is really a great work, and also beautiful, it is 24:04 in the middle of the night , and I cannot stop to see the details of your images, they’re incredible old and well conserved in time. thank a lot for sharing these treasures.

  48. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So many of these images are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for and haven’t been able to find for so many of my projects :-) Thank you!!!

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    thank you so much for these amazing images

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    Wonderful collection of Images!
    This will make my invitation to our event even more special!

  51. these are terrific!