Free Embossed Text Label Font


Here’s a new fun font I just finished – Embossed Label and Text based on my previous post with the images. Those ones had only basic alphabet and numbers so I also made some extra characters. More stuff to spell :).

The zip file contains 4 embossed fonts: Label Regular + Light and Text Regular + Light. You can see the character maps below. Drop me a note if you like them – Thanks!

Installing Fonts on Windows and Mac -


  1. These embossed label fonts are simply wonderful. Thank You!

  2. Very cool! Thank you so much!

  3. Great fonts! Thank you!

  4. oooo… thanks! love that yours includes the ‘£’ sign :)

  5. You guys are just awesome! Thanks for all of the wonderful things you share with us :)

  6. Sue

    Great font! Thank you! :)

  7. Joyce

    I really like these extra characters….thanks so much!

  8. Chi

    Thank you! Will look so cute on a card or scrapbook page!!! Thank you for sharing it! :)

  9. Joan

    thanks for sharing your design talents with us.

  10. Casey

    Great, as alwasys! Thanks!

  11. Meridian

    More amazingness. You are so talented and I seem to love everything you make!

  12. Thanks!! Can’t wait to try it!

  13. shuckclod

    Thank you…

  14. Best. Font. Ever. I’m completely addicted to using my little Dymo embossing label maker, and now I can replicate that look in my digital crafting, too. You are the best!

  15. Lisa L.

    hi Fuzzimo – I keep finding new and wonderful things on your site. I love retro and this new font is awesome. I was just about to buy one from istockphoto and I thought, hmmmm, I should see what fuzzimo is sharing first. I love it love it love it!

  16. Mikas

    I am totally in love with your website.. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  17. Eva

    Hi there,
    This is new for me… I immediately liked this Dymo-lookfont and tried to download it for use in a Photoshop document. Unfortunately, I don’t get it installed into my ‘fonts-folder’. Perhaps I’m missing a step there?

    • Hi Eva,
      After you download the font you will have a zip file; right click on it and there should be an option to extract. If you are on Windows 7 or Vista you can then right click on each fzm-Embossed…ttf file and Install. On previous versions of Windows you have to copy the ttf files to the Fonts folder (you can access it in the Control Panel). On Mac double click the ttf and choose Install Font. After you’ve done that, restart Photoshop and they should be under the name “fzm Embossed”.

  18. Fantastico !!funziona benissimo con windows7 cioa D.

  19. LOVE your graphics :) I’m using several on my new blog: Thank you so much!!!

  20. Merci beaucoup ! J’adore cette police !

  21. I love this. Will definitely use.

  22. I was just looking for polaroid frames when i stumbled upon your website and i think i’m addicted!! Hope you don’t get tired of what you’re doing :) Thanks!!

  23. Jessica Allison

    Thank you! I’m so excited to go play with my new fonts and brushes!

  24. Tracht


  25. brooklynette

    I can never figure out how to create a “space” between words with these label fonts, so that it looks like all the words live on the same label. What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks for the great looking font!

  26. brooklynette

    I get a blank space – not a solid blank block.

  27. Tina

    Thank you – I really love this font (and all the other stuff on the site)

  28. crystalnva

    Luv`n these THANK YOU ;~}

  29. Nozzer

    Great font! Thanks so much!!

  30. nagi

    Really nice! Thank youuuuu! :)

  31. P.H.

    Thank you so much. Your website is really great! I’m loving it <3.

  32. Great font, thank you so much for this keep up the amazing work – love the background on your site btw!

  33. teaotter

    That is awesome!

  34. Rubydoll

    Thanks so much!

  35. Slavic

    Just came across this page. I’ve noticed in your label font that you’ve already included many letters with circumflexes. Would it be possible to add a few more for the Serbian language. These are the letters I’m looking for: ?, ?, ? (thanks for adding Ž and Š, btw).

    Love the site, keep up the good work.

  36. Slavic

    Okay, so the letters I was talking about aren’t showing up here, so they might not be showing up on your side as well.

    Visit the page below and look for these codes:
    &#268 (Capital C-hachek)
    &#262 (Capital C-acute)
    &#272 (Capital D-stroke)

    Again, thanks for all your work.

  37. Kirsi

    Thanks for these new letters (Ä,Ö,Å)and marks I need for my own language. But would you add them to the labelgenerator as well!I would be most grateful!

  38. Mike Reid

    I was looking for these, Good stuff man. Thanks

  39. Thank you it’s a really nice font !