Free Hi-Res Embossed Label Letters Numbers


With all the ways of printing labels nowadays you still have to love the good old Dymo embossing label maker. It’s just cool. So I made three sets (blue, green and red tape) of embossed letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks and scanned them. So you have the full alphabet and numbers to make embossed labels for your design projects.

The images are high resolution, at 10208x3000px (3 strips per image – letter height about 185px). Checkout the pictures for these adhesive plastic tape labels below and share or leave a comment if you find them useful. Thanks!



  1. Nikita

    Thanks ! i just discover your website and i found a lot of useful files :) your design is very nice too

  2. zoom

    Thank you so much

  3. Esca

    Thanks mate, I was really struggling to find these!!! thanks a lot!!!


  4. Simen

    Hi, i really like your website, and i find it very useful. Keep up the good work ;)

    But.. how do i use these? How do i write what i want? Please answer!

  5. Gigsig

    Too much difficult with Gimp, I do not understand how to use this!! :(

    • If you need something very basic you can try something like And just search for tutorials on youtube on how to work with layers – so then you can copy and paste letters to spell whatever you need.

  6. It will be fun figuring out how I want to use these.

  7. Joyce

    fun….thank you!

  8. Bob

    Nice website you have here. You also have a lot of unusual freebies that aren’t the same old boring stuff found on other sites. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Carmen Lucero

    Just think these are great! Thanks!

    Carmen LO

  10. Rebecca

    These are fun! Thank you very much!

  11. Renato

    Your site is a treasure found! Thank you very much.

  12. Greg Skluzacek

    First of all thanks for sharing your hard work is much appreciated.

    2nd, was wondering if there is a way, without resorting to photoshoping these, to get a black variant?

    Lastly, have you given any thought to creating a vector set, or font based on these?

    Great web site too, lovin’ it.

    • Hi Greg,
      Sorry I don’t have a black one, but you can turn the blue one to black by playing with saturation and levels. If you don’t have Photoshop you can do the same using Gimp or most image editing programs.
      I do want to make a font in the future. It’s on my to do list.

  13. Greg Skluzacek

    I will give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I have found a couple of fonts that have the embossed look, one of them is a font called Carbon 14 Black Tape.

    Though one thing I don’t like about the font versus the images of actual embossed labels is that the font is black and white only. If there was something like a grayscale type of font, that would be better.

    I wish I had enough illustrator knowledge to convert your images into a vector graphic…


  14. I love your site!!! It looks awesome and your freebies are just too cool! Thank you for taking time to post these freebies. I’m loving them!

  15. tracht

    Candy-land! So many goodies to play with – thank you!

  16. Ray

    awesome! thank you!

  17. YOU ROCK!!! The generator is sooooooooo very cool! Thanks a million!