Free Hi-Res Old Book Textures – part 5


More in the old book textures series – this would be the fifth part. It contains 21 high resolution images (around 3000-5000px) of mostly covers and some inner pages.

There’s also a library card with due dates from the 70s and a spiral bound book. Hope you like them! – you can also get the previous parts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.



  1. Vicki I.

    LOVE these…thank you!

  2. JoyceB

    Thank you….good stuff here!

  3. max

    always appreciate your time doing this
    Love paper book stuff
    Thanks again


  4. Stephanie T.

    Thank you for the textures! Just lovely! Any way we (who missed them) can get Parts 1-4?


    love these!!! thank u so much. your awesome

  6. Betsy M

    …you are the kindest, most generous soul I believe I’ve ever come across in this time-space continuum…not to mention so very creative and talented….
    If I wasn’t -$355.67 in my bank account now, I would tip you until I bled.
    In the words of General MacArthur “I shall return”!
    I can say that because I am adding a bookmark to your page AND setting a DAILY alarm on my phone with TWO reminder alarms with your website noted in the alarm.
    Otherwise, I would lose myself looking for you…like I am now – being so carried away with your talent and generosity – as I was searching for “vintage map compass”? and now…sigh…here I am.
    Thank you for being a nice person :-)

  7. Caio

    Congratualations. Love all. :)

  8. Great textures, thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks so much!
    Are there any restrictions on using this designs?

  10. yeah, right now I need for my work.

  11. Thanks for all those wonderful goodies!!!!

  12. Smcs

    Thank you for your continued support of those learning how to use graphics programs. Without people like you we would have a very hard time.

  13. Brennan

    Just what I needed. Thanks so much!

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    Awesome stuff!

  16. I LOVE these! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Fab website- great generosity! Thank you

  18. Fenchu

    Thanks for sharing this. Really helpful :)

  19. Katie

    Thanks so much for these. I will be sure to contact your sponsors when I have the need. Thanks!
    Embossed label generator was very cool too. I’m going to look for a reason to use it.

  20. Adam

    You’re just pain awesome! Is the text leading into this article available?

  21. Lovely, thank you ! :)

  22. andrea

    u are one of the good one.
    thanks or sharing it. love your work.
    greets from germany, andrea

  23. S. Evans

    Just download all parts of the book textures. I want to thank you for your hard work and generosity – it is greatly appreciated.

  24. Daniel Coffey

    These Old Book texture sets have been a godsend for the Book Covers Skyrim mod which aims to re-cover every one of the several hundred books in the Skyrim game with “real” covers.

    It would be nice to see some more leather books with various styles of tooling or embossing but these cloth ones are an excellent resource.

    Link to Book Covers Skyrim :

  25. MONICA

    Incredible work, these are great for so many creative projects. Personally, I love using for backgrounds and for inserting text.

  26. Wilson

    Gracias por estas ideas, estoy diseñando unas cubiertas para una celebracion entre amigos y esto es genial