Free Vector Ruler, Triangle & Protractor


Time for some geometry now ;) Here’s a set of vector rulers, triangles, L-shapes and protractors. It includes color, wood, steel and transparent plastic vector rulers in both metric and inch measure systems. The sizes are: ruler (12 inches / 30 centimeters); 60 degree triangle (10 inches / 25 centimeters); 45 degree triangle (6 inches / 15cm); L-shape ruler (12 inches / 30 centimeters); 180 degree protractor;

These vectors are also to scale so you could also print them if you need a paper ruler. You might have to rotate them a bit so they fit unscaled on a standard page. Check the screens below and the download links are at the bottom. If you find these rulers useful don’t forget to post a comment. Thanks!



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  5. Thanks for these – great set. Used the protractor to help measure an angle on screen V. V. handy!!

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  21. Thank you very much for this!! Beautiful rulers! I used your flat square to send a favour to my father (who is 80 and was an industrial patternmaker) – I thought it would be great to give him an idea of scale using something he’s familiar with.

  22. So, these rulers and such can be used to make “stencils” which can be used in the program Art Rage. Thank you.

  23. Thank you so much! Lovely work and saved me a ton of time on an illustration for my masters thesis. :)

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  31. Many thanks for these. Like a previous poster, I too used the potractor to measure a specific angle. I’m sure the other rulers will come in handy too.

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    These just saved me a lot of time. I made a 3d model of an iPad stand made out of rulers and used the scales from your file.

    The model is going to be cut in plywood with a laser cutter and have your scales etched in to the wood. You can see it here;

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    Hi there, these look great but what I really need is a ruler about 70cm long measuring 1 and 0.5cm increments, I’ve tried to add the components together using illustrator, but I don’t know how / it’s not working for me :( Can anyone make this simple ruler? No need for it to be flash, just a basic accurate scale in .ai format. Thanks :)

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    Hi again, still need that ruler :) it only needs to be 50cm long now, surely someone who knows adobe illustrator could make this in no time? I’ve posted the job up on fiverr, not sure how to tell you to search for it, but here is what I wrote: “Make a simple vector 50cm ruler of correct scale in .ai format. Should be easy!” Can someone please help?………please?

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    • In Photoshop you can use the high resolution png from above – if you open the eps, set the Resolution to 300. Crop the ruler that you want to use and it should print out to scale. In the Print options window make sure that Scale to Fit Media is unchecked and the Scale is 100%.

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