Free Hi-Res Wrinkled Torn Old Paper Textures


Here is a nice collection of 12 high resolution old paper textures. I found these yellowed papers in an attic where they’ve been “cooked” nicely by the heat throughout the years. The pack includes plain, stacked, torn and wrinkled aged paper textures at around 3000x5000px resolution.

They all have nice fiber details. Check out the papers below and the download link is right after. Share or leave a comment if you like them. Thanks!



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  1. Le Monde says:

    Thank you so much for your effort in doing this stuff…

  2. arhcamt says:

    this is wonderful! thanks a lot for sharing. :)

  3. dorothy says:

    thank you very much :) they are great i realy love it ^_^ are they free to use?

  4. Sophie says:

    Thanks a lot… They might get useful at some point.
    We never have too many texture to choose from.

  5. Stephy says:

    Thanks for sharing =)

  6. Elaine says:

    These are marvelous! Thanks again.

  7. Joyce says:

    Thank you very much!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Thank you!

  9. Jay says:

    What a great thing to provide people for their design arsenal. Thank you!!

  10. Sophie says:

    Thank you very much. Very well done. Saving me a lot of time.

  11. Nikko says:

    Thank you~~~

  12. Suzanne says:

    These are really great- thanks so much!

  13. Dona says:

    Thank you!

  14. mj says:

    thank you a lot! this really helps me!!!

  15. Beth says:

    Thanks. These are just what I was looking for!

  16. RinnisaCake says:

    Thanks ! These are really useful !

  17. MOLLY says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  18. Kat says:

    Thanks so much!!

  19. Victoria says:

    You’re the best! Thank you for these fantastic resources.

  20. RichardL says:

    These are great, thanks!

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