Free Hi-Res Autumn/Fall Leaf Textures part 1


Hmmm, spring time textures?! Well these autumn leaf textures were too cool to just leave them around until next fall. They have great colors and no matter how you combine them you get a nice design :). I intended to post them much earlier but that didn’t happen so here they are now. I scanned a lot of leaves last year so I’m going to post these textures in 3 parts. For now here’s part 1 with 26 high resolution (5000px-3000px) fall leaf textures.

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Free Hi-Res Wine Cork Textures Backgrounds


Aren’t corks great? Sure you can buy the bottle for the wine, but the cork is the coolest building block. They’re almost like Legos :). So I arranged them in different patterns and took some pictures to make a texture pack. It contains 10 high resolution and 3 seamless cork textures.

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Free Hi-Res Pencil Images – Textures

fzm-Pencil Images 01

Here is a collection of 45 high resolution pencil pictures (2000-6000px). I made a selection of various ones so this should come in handy. They are mainly no. 2 pencils of different lengths and colors (yellow, green, red, blue, wooden, black), new and old, worn out, broken, etc. The zip file also includes some carpenter pencils and charcoal pencils.

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Free Autumn Leaves Textures Backgrounds

fzm-Autumn Leaves Textures 01

Taking advantage of nature’s best designs, here are some nice autumn leaves textures. These leaf “carpets” are always cool to use for design backgrounds so I grabbed the camera and took some pictures. The texture pack contains 22 images of fall color leaves. These are taken from above and there are no close-ups as I wanted to capture patterns.

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