Free Old Sticky Tape Textures + PS Brushes


Now here’s something very useful – high resolution sticky tape textures and Photoshop brushes. The images are scans of a few old clear tapes that I have peeled off some book jacket covers. Well, they’re not so clear anymore as time has turned them brown yellow, but now they make cool adhesive tape textures :). As mentioned before the images are hi-res – tape strip width is around 610px.

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Free Hi-Res Wrinkled Torn Old Paper Textures


Here is a nice collection of 12 high resolution old paper textures. I found these yellowed papers in an attic where they’ve been “cooked” nicely by the heat throughout the years. The pack includes plain, stacked, torn and wrinkled aged paper textures at around 3000x5000px resolution.

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Free Hi-Res Embossed Label Letters Numbers


With all the ways of printing labels nowadays you still have to love the good old Dymo embossing label maker. It’s just cool. So I made three sets (blue, green and red tape) of embossed letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks and scanned them. So you have the full alphabet and numbers to make embossed labels for your design projects.

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