Free Hi-Res Rough Edge Old Paper Textures


Just by looking at these grunge paper textures, fun ideas keep pouring. Antique maps, lost love letters, wanted posters, parchment manuscripts… by the way the compass roses from my previous post might come in handy for that hidden treasure map ;).

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Free Vector Safety Pins + Hi-Res Images

fzm-Vector-Safety-Pins-and Images-01

Since everyone likes sticky notes, here’s another way of placing them in designs – Safety Pins! So just like with the paper clips, I’ve put together some safety pin images and vectors. The scans are high resolution (the big pins are around 2400px in width)

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Free Hi-Res Old Book Textures – part 3


Again some useful old library book textures. This was to be the last set for now, but it happened that I came upon a whole other bunch of old books so I guess I’ll keep them rolling :).

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Free Hi-Res Blank Polaroid Frames


Ah, the good old days. The Polaroid 600 instant photos have been around forever and despite technological advances they are as cool as ever. Well at least in the design world :). I mean who hasn’t played with a Polaroid template turning images into vintage photos? So in that respect, here are some high resolution Polaroid frame images (around 5100x4200px).

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Free Hi-Res Wooden Scrabble Letter Tiles


Here’s an image with letter tiles from a vintage scrabble board game. There’s a total of 60 wooden letters A to Z including two blank tiles.

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