Free Seamless Textures – Notebook Papers


So here is a pack of 20 seamless notebook textures can be used as backgrounds on web design projects. They are based on my previous post, Hi-Res Notebook Textures. The zip file contains image backgrounds that can be tiled or repeated horizontally or vertically; as before the ones that need to be transparencies are in the png format so you can apply them with ease in your projects. These textures can be used for your personal or commercial works.

You can see the screens below; I also included a sample html file in the zip pack so you can easily check out how the textures will look like when tiled. The download link is at the bottom. Enjoy!



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  3. Thanks Trucoteca! I’m glad to know you find them useful. Happy designing!

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    excellent work, I’ve done a couple of similar things myself, but I like a couple of yours too so might put them to good use, thanks very much! :)

  6. Jojje

    I am truly impressed by the amount of work and effort you have invested in these textures and images. Thank you very much for sharing this treasure with us all.

  7. meticulous

    Impressive work indeed! Thanks so much for all the effort taken for create these graphics and sharing them with the community. Just wondering, do you have the vector graphics for this post or are they images you started with?

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments!
    @meticulous – These were images, so I don’t have them as vectors. Take a look at my post with Vector Notebook Papers. Hope that helps!

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