Free Hi-Res Rough Edge Old Paper Textures


Just by looking at these grunge paper textures, fun ideas keep pouring. Antique maps, lost love letters, wanted posters, parchment manuscripts… by the way the compass roses from my previous post might come in handy for that hidden treasure map ;).

So the zip file contains 5 high resolution thick old paper images (around 3500x4800px resolution). They have nice wrinkles and texture details with rough paper fiber and torn edges. Drop me a comment or share the post if you like them. Thanks!



  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing

  2. Awesome textures! I appreciate the resources offered on your site.

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  5. These are simple, clean and high quality. Thanks!

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  17. Awesome textures! I appreciate the resources offered on your site.

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    Excellent textures, and this webpage is overall fabulous, the best place to find graphic art. Many thanks for sharing!!

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    Thank you very much, perfect background for an “old poster”!

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    Thanks for these. Their size should make them very versatile!

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  30. Sharon Turner

    I love these images…I do have one question, though. Did you make the red wax seal on the head page for this set? Those were very popular when I was young (1960s) but haven’t seen them much since. I was thinking they might be nice for SCA manuscript creations.

  31. Jonathan

    Nice textures… What’s the font that you used? Beginner Illustrator user here. Wanna try to do something special for my girlfriend’s birthday

  32. Sharon Turner

    If I could pester you just once more…could you explain to me how you made the seal? Dis you photograph one and produce in PS or did you…I don’t understand the complexities of the crisp depth of the impression nor the oozing overflow of wax out from under the metal seal – shoot, my vocabulary is failing me. You do not have a tutorial for it do you?

    • I made it directly in Photoshop. The basic idea is to draw a wavy circle, erase its center so you are left with what will be that raised edge – then play with the Bevel and Emboss (under top menu > Layer > Layer Style); and then add another circle behind the edge for the bottom part. I’m sorry I don’t have a full tutorial on this at the moment, but google “wax stamp photoshop”. I’ve seen some around. Hope that helps!:)

  33. Sharon Turner

    Actually, Antoniu, I think you explained it perfectly. I shall try and let you know how I made out. Thank You so much!

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  48. Thank you so much! I got my paper sample and I also found those FANTASTIC historical fonts through your site! It is EXACTLY what I need for my project. Hoping you’re getting a healthy affiliate kickback for that. Thank you so much!