Free Hi-Res Bubble Wrap Textures


Anyone likes popping bubble wrap? :) Here are 8 High Resolution Bubble Wrap textures. They are around 2000px-3000px. Pack also includes 3 perspective shot images – the never-ending sea of bubbles. I also made 4 seamless Bubble Wrap textures that can be used for backgrounds. The textures can be used for your personal or commercial projects.

Check out the screens below; For the screenshots I cropped the images to fit them in the picture so the actual textures in the zip file are wider. The download link is at the bottom. Enjoy and share or post a note if you like them. Thanks!



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  2. Cool! Bubble Wrap! Don’t have a clue what I will use them for, but of course I gotta have it!!! Thanks!!

  3. Joyce

    What fun these will be! thank you…..

  4. Marc

    Thanks a Million. A good seamless bubble wrap texture is hard to come by!! Really appreciate it!

  5. neha

    hey! your blog looks great! & the images were very helpful! thx!

  6. Dirk

    … awesome, many thanks for the heavy work !! :-) .. excellent page