Free Hi-Res Embossed Label Letters Numbers


With all the ways of printing labels nowadays you still have to love the good old Dymo embossing label maker. It’s just cool. So I made three sets (blue, green and red tape) of embossed letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks and scanned them. So you have the full alphabet and numbers to make embossed labels for your design projects.

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Free Hi-Res Apple Pictures / Textures


I was lying in bed couple of nights ago thinking about taking some pictures of apples and so the next day I took a trip to the supermarket and I bought a whole bunch of them. I went to the fruit section and grabbed one or two of every kind of apple they had (Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious etc). I took pictures of them from different angles and positions and here is a pack of 64 high resolution apple images (3900-3000px) which also includes 2 photos of apples cut in half.

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