24 Free LP Vinyl Records Pictures – Textures


Digging through some forgotten corners I found some older LP Vinyl Records and decided to take some pictures of them. So here are 24 high resolution photos (around 3400x2300px) of some lp record discs. There are some perspective shots as well as some worn out record sleeves. I guess they would come in handy for web design as additions to some backgrounds or as textures. These images can be used for your personal or commercial projects.

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20 Hi-Res Leaves & Flower Pictures – Textures


I have to say it was fun making the above picture; I like the way it came out. Anyhow this is a pack of 20 high resolution photos of flowers and leaves (around 2000-3500px). Most of them are close-ups. I particularly like the rain drops on the petals and leaves in some of the pictures – can’t get enough of those. While I’m not good at naming flowers, the colors and textures are great for web design. Check my design on this website for example :). I also made 13 png transparencies of some of the flowers so they can be used right away on any design background… a timesaver… These pictures can be used for your personal or commercial projects.

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Free Vector Party Balloons


Hmmm, not much to say here… Just some fun vector party balloons and a blast of stars, hearts, flowers and other silly things. It’s a funky design that can be used for your party graphic design needs – birthdays, celebrations or whatever comes to mind.

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Free Wrinkled Paper Textures


So I had all these thin wrapping paper and tissues, the ones used to pack fragile stuff so it doesn’t break or to fill a gift bag for decorative purposes. I thought I’d put them to some good use since they wrinkle kind of nice and make some awesome paper textures. I put together 22 textures which are high resolution, about 3500x2500px.

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