Free Vector Post it Notes + Push Pins


Adhesive Notes and pushpins are pretty popular in web design and so to make my life easier – and hopefully yours too :) – I made a pack of vector post-it notes and drawing-pins. There are 9 unique post-it notes, out of which I made 6 color combinations (yellow, blue, green, white, pink and orange) for a total of 54 colorful sticky notes plus shadows; and if you need a worn out look some of the paper notes are wrinkled as well. About the vector Push Pins – there are 3 kinds (tall, flat and round) in 7 color variations (red, green, yellow, white, blue, pink and orange) and from different angles; over 100 vector thumbtacks in total.

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Free Hi-Res Zipper Textures – Pictures


I found a bag of zippers somewhere in a forgotten corner and now when I stumble upon something like that I see textures right away. :) So here is a large pack of high resolution zipper textures for your graphic design projects. There are two versions, one with jpgs (white background) and another one with pngs (transparent background)

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Free 35 Hi-Res Photoshop Splatter Brushes


Ok, this took a bit and it was messy but the results are pretty cool. :) I’ve been meaning to do these Splatter Brushes to use in Photoshop for a while now. I already had some black acrylic paint but I also went out and bought some black ink just to have more resources to play with. So I laid many sheets of paper and started splattering all over mixtures of acrylic, ink and water. I got a bit carried away as it was fun to explore different ways to drip and spill paint. Anyhow here are the results, 35 Free High Resolution Splatter Paint Brushes for Photoshop

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Free Hi-Res Corkboard Texture + Seamless


Here’s a high resolution corkboard texture (3500×2500). I needed one for a graphic design project and so I took my corkboard off the wall and scanned it. The zip file contains one texture and also a seamless cork texture that I made for web backgrounds

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