Free Hi-Res Wine Cork Textures Backgrounds


Aren’t corks great? Sure you can buy the bottle for the wine, but the cork is the coolest building block. They’re almost like Legos :). So I arranged them in different patterns and took some pictures to make a texture pack. It contains 10 high resolution and 3 seamless cork textures.

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Free Vector Pencils Pens Markers Highlighter


After I made the post with Pencil Images I wanted to do some vectors as well; so here’s a pack with pencil, pen, marker, highlighter vectors. It includes 3 pencils (yellow, blue, red), 1 wooden carpenter pencil, 1 mechanical pencil, 2 Sharpie markers (blue, black), 1 yellow highlighter and 3 ballpoint ink and gel pens.

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Free Vector Compact Audio Cassette Tapes


Even though I still have a whole bunch of compact audio cassette tapes lying around, I don’t remember the last time I used one; but hey, just as LP records, audio cassettes can still be cool elements in designs. So here are five vector cassette tapes I’ve made: two black, one white and two transparent in which the mechanisms are visible.

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Illustrator – Triangles and Angles Tutorial


While working on the previous post with the Vector Rulers I played with the making of a triangle in Illustrator. The easiest way to do one is with the Polygon Tool and that works fine if you do not get too mathematical and need a triangle with specific angle degrees. Since creating triangles in Illustrator is not so straight forward, here are some ways to draw them.

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