Free Vector Binder & Paper Clips + Images


Here’s something that goes well with a lot of stuff from my previous posts: Paper Clips / Binder Clips vectors and images. The pictures are high resolution scans of silver paper clips and black binder clips. Gray and boring, but hey the vector ones are all colorful :). I made three silver vector paper clips with slight differences and five colored ones (red, blue, green, yellow, orange). The vector binder clips come in the same colors and in two versions (raised and folded handles).

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Free Hi-Res Autumn/Fall Leaf Textures part 1


Hmmm, spring time textures?! Well these autumn leaf textures were too cool to just leave them around until next fall. They have great colors and no matter how you combine them you get a nice design :). I intended to post them much earlier but that didn’t happen so here they are now. I scanned a lot of leaves last year so I’m going to post these textures in 3 parts. For now here’s part 1 with 26 high resolution (5000px-3000px) fall leaf textures.

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